Knowing the market makes a difference

Chartering the Tonnage to the advantage of our Customers is an expertise, rather difficult to develop, especially in an ever- volatile International Freight market.

Jaldhi Overseas Pte Ltd Singapore and Bothra Group have developed such intricate knowledge of the Freight market by sheer dedication and a close-knit team of professionals who have a profound knowledge of Chartering.

Jaldhi Overseas ensures that the Customers are not exposed to market volatility and remain free from freight market risks.

As part of our End to End Logistic services we undertake Vessel Operations by taking in vessels under our disponent ownership and operate vessels on Voyage/Period charter to our clients.

Jaldhi Overseas Pte Ltd, complements the Bothra Group in ship chartering. Ever since this complementary business portfolio was developed in 2004, Ship Chartering has become one of our prime activities and within a span of 8 years we have chartered and operated over 1300 vessels with a cumulative tonnage of over 75 Million DWT under our disponent ownership.