Visible Value addition by an Invisible Machinery

Stevedoring Services and Clearing and Forwarding Services go hand in hand. It is as much essential to a Cargo owner as it is to the Port Authorities. Therefore it forms an integral part of Port Logistics and Central to a Port's Operation. Bothra Group originated its business portfolio with traditional Stevedoring works and made continuous efforts to provide more value for money to all its customers and at the same time earned the trust of the Port Authorities in Indian Ports

A typical Port Stevedoring Service and logistics configuration consists of

  • Vessel Pre-arrival preparation covering equipment, workforce, storage space planning;
  • Planning of unloading or loading operation and sequence;
  • Vessel safety and cargo safety during the cargo operations;
  • Cargo safety and security during movement between cargo storage and quayside;
  • Cargo plan and documentation;
  • Customs documentation of Cargoes, Clearing and Forwarding to destinations.

In all these activities, the focus always remains on optimum Turnaround. With a modern fleet of equipment and a team of experienced professionals, we ensure efficient cargo handling and quick turnaround of vessels. Bothra Group has always made conscious efforts to develop and introduce new, innovative and efficient cargo handling methods to reduce the turnaround time of vessels in Port, minimize cargo handling losses and damages. As a result of our commitment to continuous improvements in these areas we hold record cargo loading and discharging rates. We achieved Load rates and discharge rates that were previously not achievable with the available infrastructure