Future - new Vistas and new Responsibilities

Bothra Group is a future driven group with a tradition of innovation, adoption of new technology, and new business processes. This philosophy has prompted Bothra Group to invest in the future in energy transportation sector, beginning with an investment of 100 Million USD at Kakinada.

Coal Terminal, Kakinada, India

By an arrangement with the Port Authorities, Kakinada Seaports Ltd, Bothra Group has established a 8 Million MT per annum Kakinada Deep Water Port Coal Terminal (KDWPCT) at Kakinada on the Design, Build, Commission and Operate (DBCO) basis.

The terminal is capable of unloading from vessel at the rate up to about 40,000 MT/day and high speed Rail evacuation capability by loading a full rake in about 3 hours. It has Direct Loading Facility from the Vessel to Rake for utmost quick dispatch, and over 1 Million MT of stockyard capacity. The KDWPCT has a mechanized Coal Blending System; probably the first such system to be available in East Coast of India Ports. Coal Blending can be carried out by variable speed reclamation from stockyard and blending during movement through transfer towers and at stacker. Blended Cargo storage yard of 200,000 MT is available for separate stowage of Blended Cargo and it can be reclaimed mechanically and dispatched by rail or road.

Fertilizer Terminal, Kakinada, India

Bothra Group is also establishing a 6 Million MT per annum Kakinada Deep Water Port Fertilizer Terminal “ (KDWPFT) The highlight of the terminal feature would be a warehousing complex of 440,000 m3 of fertilizer storage, 1900 TPH unloading rate and 2X 1000TPH automated bagging system and a fully enclosed rail siding for weather proof train dispatch of fertilizers. The KDWPFT is slated to be operational by the mid of 2014.

Coastal, India

Bothra Group is developing a customized solution for Coastal movement of fertilizer for an Indian Fertilizer Major. The arrangement would include building and operating River Sea Vessels, maintain and manage captive loading jetties and fertilizer movement through National Waterways 1 and in East Coast of India.

Coal Terminals and River Transport Systems, Indonesia

Jambi, Sumatra - Jaldhi Overseas is in the process of establishing a dedicated Coal Loading River terminals in Jambi area in Batang Hari River System. The infrastructure will be able to carry 8 MMTPA coal to the Mother Vessel at M. Sabak loading point. The terminal and the river transport system shall be operational in 2014.

Samarinda and Balikpapan, East Kalimantan – Jaldhi Overseas is in various process of providing logistics, concept and planning support in establishing coal loading facilities in Samarinda, Balikpapan areas.